Saturday, 9 June 2018

Sexy Film Reviews: Love

Please do not read this review if you do not wish to know plot developments

When I tell you I really liked this film, it seems I may find myself in somewhat limited company, because many people, particularly critics, seem not to like it much at all. And from the couple of clips I’d seen beforehand, I wasn’t convinced it would be particularly great either. But I absolutely loved the DVD cover and it kept luring me in until I bought a copy. And when I finally sat down to watch it, I very quickly fell in love with the film too.

It’s straight into the sex, opening with a prolonged intimate, sensuously explicit scene. And indeed, the film is full of lingering sex scenes, which appear to luxuriate in their explicit sensuality just for the sheer enjoyment of it; resonant, really, of exactly what sex is about.

And while the sex is certainly central to this story, as is a sense of youthful discovery of life, it’s more essentially about love, just as the title would suggest. And it’s the pang of love which drives this tale forwards, weaving the threads of its emotional complexity through the fragmented timeline of a confused and frustrated narrator.

An unusual and striking editing style, persisting consistently throughout, of intermittent cutaways to black screen between scenes, and often mid-scene, effectively creates a strong impression of glimpsing passing moments of time, a sensation which is intrinsic to the overall subject of yearning for the irretrievable.

Claustrophobic, richly-hued, incredibly and unabashedly erotic, this a warm, serious and emotionally brutal film inhabiting terrain at once both hypnotically dreamlike and rawly realistic. Rather like the paradox of self-discovery perhaps. Or sexual exploration. Or love.

I couldn’t say I assent to every idea aired by the characters, but of course that's not the point of a movie. I can, however, affirm this is a beautifully realised and engaging meditation on universal themes of love, negotiating relationships, self-awareness and human frailty. Ultimately, I’d suggest, it’s a study of life in its meandering power to build and to destroy, to give and to steal, to enlighten and to mystify.

With lots of wonderfully sensual sex scenes, an incisive and often witty script, great acting, adroit cinematography, cleverly plotted storytelling, all beautifully complemented and augmented by an exquisitely imaginative soundtrack, I’m not sure what there could possibly be to dislike about this film.

Reuben's Rating: 9/10

Saturday, 26 May 2018

Friday, 18 May 2018

Wonderful Characters - Beautiful Filthy Sex - Great Stories

Quick overview of my erotic fiction published to date, in chronological order -

Season of the Wasp
Inner-city interracial bullying arse worship - black woman / white man - extremely down 'n' dirty, with extra attitude. 

I brushed my lips over Delia’s sweet buttocks in praise. She shivered. And in the thick silence inside that little cupboard I felt her hand delicately move round the back of my head and she drew me masterfully into her backside again so my face nestled gently between those intoxicating buttocks. It was so hot in that airless cupboard and I was panting so heavily, she must have felt the puffs of warm air in her arse. And I couldn’t help but breathe in the thick odour of her smutty brown bottom.

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Evening Breeze

Rural interracial love story - white woman / black man - poignant, sensual, revelatory.

Our eyes met briefly in affirmation. My cock was aching and Daphne wanted me, and so I entered her, prodding as tenderly as I could, provoking the sweetest groans that could possibly grace a man’s ears, pushing gently and affectionately into her a little further and a little further and a little further.

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Naughty Nikki [as Aled Neap]
What's the difference between a slutty girl and a slutty guy? Social attitudes maybe? Non-interracial white woman / white man. The naughtiness is on.

Later that night when we were at a house party, Nikki deliberately stepped back into me to let someone by in the narrow, darkened hallway where our little group was gathered. She stepped back, smiling politely at the couple passing through, and lodged her nice big arse against my crotch and left it there while she made a show of trying not to knock drinks with the couple as they squeezed through. She rubbed her backside to and fro against my blossoming shaft before stepping away again. It was lovely. And she didn’t even throw a single glance my way afterwards. She just knew, as she always did.

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Bossy Brenda [as Aled Neap]
Extremely filthy Brenda knows how to keep a good man down. Bullying femdom. Non-interracial (with interracial sub-plot) white woman / white man.

Finally Brenda reached to the breast pocket of her packed, pristine white shirt and plucked out a pen from beside the little pager clipped on there. She held it up beside my head and then let it fall to the ground.
“Pick it up,” she told me.
My stomach turned a somersault and my legs went to jelly. I tried to reach down without rubbing against Brenda but it was all but impossible because she was standing so close to me. 
Desperately trying to control my shakes, I slid down as best I could, my head and shoulders brushing her chest in passing and my knees rubbing against her calves as I knelt right down and twisted to reach for the pen. Every little brush and graze was like an electric shock. I thought I was going to collapse on the spot.

Enjoy all of these! And many more great stories to come!