Saturday, 20 July 2013

A story about analingus?

Yes, Season of the Wasp is indeed a story about intimate worship of the female bottom, and lavishing adoration upon it, mainly with the mouth and the tongue.

The story is also about the power of feminine sensuality, about a young man trying to understand his desire for a young woman, about the search for love, about self-discovery, and about realising the emotional and aphrodisiacal thrills of being either sexually domineering or allowing oneself to be subject to sexual abasement.

Yes, analingus is largely a taboo subject. But in the right setting perhaps this contributes to its being an intense turn-on for some people. It’s breaking the rules; it’s going beyond the usual expressions of desire; it’s more intimate than perhaps we should be according to the expressed norms of society at large; it’s naughty; it’s dirty (in a sexually metaphorical sense I mean); and it makes for particularly private, or secret, sexual intimacy.

Giving anilingus demonstrates a total willingness to gratify the other with pleasure, showing complete subservience to the other’s delectation, complete self-abasement for the assertion of the other’s pre-eminence, and complete openness to the other’s judgement.

For some, it is the most sensuous, the most intimate and the most thrilling of erotic gifts, to receive and to be allowed to give.

And let’s not forget, of course, there is the simple joy of adoring what is, after all, a universally recognised source of sexual attraction. How commonly people will notice and appreciate a nice backside. Well, worship of the derriere is exulting in that attractiveness, and anilingus is one way of expressing it and sating the desire.

Yes, I have enjoyed writing Season of Wasp, and I hope you will enjoy reading it.

Below are some links on the subject of anilingus that may prove to be of interest.

And finally, yes, there are very serious health concerns to be aware of if considering anilingus. Please see the informative articles at the websites below for more about this important aspect as well. And please be aware, my story is a work of fiction exploring sexual kinkiness and has a strong element of sexual fantasy; it is not intended to be either a guide to, or a recommendation of, the act of anilingus.

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