Friday, 2 August 2013

Season of the Wasp author review from my Goodreads blog

This is a copy of my author review of Season of the Wasp from over at my Goodreads author blog. Thought it might be of interest for readers of my blog here. Hope so anyway. Enjoy -

Hi! This is an author review, i.e. I’m reviewing my own book, which goodreads allows as one way an author can promote their work. Okay, so, obviously I think this book is fab, A1, awesome! But how can I use this opportunity to tell you something about it that will give you insight into its contents beyond outlining the basic story à la blurb?

Well, let me tell you three things about this book which I hope will persuade that you just to have to check it out!

Firstly, let me tell you about my passion for good writing. I try my utmost to write good quality fiction. I’m dedicated as a writer to providing something of substance that will deeply affect you the reader. I want to give you something to cherish as you read, and to ponder and reflect upon after you leave the final page. How successful I am is, of course, another matter, and that’s for you to say. And I am eager to find out what you think. But I guess I’m trying to assure you that in looking at this book, you are looking at something I believe and hope will prove to be of genuine quality. Ultimately, that’s what I the writer want to share with you the reader.

Next, I would like to tell you about my characters. I love them. With all their strengths, faults and foibles; I love them. I try to create characters that live and breathe in the imagination; who have about them a sense of reality drawn from the world about us and within us; who can speak to the human condition; and who we can relate to and engage with and care about. When writing, I become very involved with their stories. There comes a point where they themselves begin to unfold their tale to me and I have to be very careful to do justice to their confidence. I tell you this because I hope you might be interested to find out more about them.

And thirdly, let me tell you about the intensity of the writing. The depiction of sex is not additional, peripheral, supplementary. The sexual passion is the compelling essence of this story. It is erotica not because a bit of titillation thrown around a plot might get some sales; it is erotica because this book is essentially about sexual desire. It is about desire, lust, love, fear, hope and discovery; the central thread being the wonder of sexual passion. The passion is the plot. And the writing does not shy away from attempting to capture a vivid sense of that vital infatuation.

So, there you are. Three of my aspirations as a writer that I hope will be successfully conveyed to you if you read Season of the Wasp - something of quality to cherish; intriguing character-driven stories of ‘real’ people; an intense affirmation of the power and mysterious glory of human sexuality.

Thank you for taking the time to read this author review, and, in so doing, allowing me to share these thoughts with you. I hope you might be persuaded to read Season of the Wasp, and I hope if you do that you will share your responses by reviewing it.

And, above all, I hope you greatly enjoy it and that it enriches you. Ultimately, that’s why I write.

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