Saturday, 7 September 2013

New version of Season of the Wasp! & Goodreads giveaway soon!

Hi everyone! Sorry to have been away for a while. I’ve been busy getting extremely bored in my day job, and also very busy preparing a new version of Season of the Wasp.

And I am now very pleased to be able to announce the publication of the new, improved and perfected version of Season of the Wasp. I say ‘version’ because I don’t feel it qualifies as a new ‘edition’ because it is essentially the same text, with just a few grammatical amendments and a couple of slight textual alterations. And of course the other difference, and the most obvious, is the cover.

This new version was prompted by my deciding to publish the book via Amazon’s Createspace, and this process has resulted in the final version now available as either paperback or e-book.

It has technically been published in this version since 29th August 2013 on Createspace, with it taking a little longer to transfer over to Kindle and replace the older version there.

Concerning the cover, whilst there were things about the old one I really liked (seen at left), I also had reservations about it, but the new cover is more polished and I’m much more confident in its ability to accurately represent what I earnestly hope is found to be the quality of the writing and story-telling inside.

So go ahead and grab yourself a copy! I really hope you enjoy it!

Or you might want to wait and enter soon at Goodreads giveaways for a chance to win a signed copy of the paperback. That’ll be open to enter shortly, as soon as I overcome a few technical problems with the transition to the new version at the site. I’m sure I’ll get it all sorted nice and quickly because I’ve always found the technical support at Goodreads to be superb. So watch out for that very soon!

Also, while I’m here and nattering away, let me tell you how well the next book is going. No, I’m not going to give you any clues as to what it’s about; I’m a big, incorrigible, flabbergasting meanie like that, because I want you the reader to discover it all fresh when you read it. But I’m excited at how well it seems to be developing and I think you’ll really enjoy it.

Okay, gotta go. Ciao for now!

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