Saturday, 26 April 2014

New novella - Evening Breeze - NOW AVAILABLE!!

At last! It has taken a whole lot longer to finish than I had hoped or expected, but finally my second novella is now available! Evening Breeze is published via Createspace and Kindle.

The date of publication shows as a few days ago because there is a delay between the kindle version and the paperback version being available, and there are a few presentation details like author name link-up etc that can need attending to.

I didn’t want to announce publication until everything was all set. And now everything is done! So... Evening Breeze is finally available!

An interracial love story set in the British countryside of rural Devon in the nineteen-eighties, Evening Breeze tells the story of a young black man named Ray and a young white woman named Daphne, who meet at university.

Touching on themes of love, lust, betrayal and identity, it is an intoxicating and explicit tale as told by Ray, who one summer finds he has inadvertently fallen desperately in love with the timid and awkward Daphne.

As Ray struggles to overcome his own weaknesses and fears, and the complications brought about through the manipulations of Daphne's interfering younger sister Izzy, will love prove itself true?

I hope you enjoy it!


Ferns said...

Exciting! Congratulations!


Reuben said...

Hey, thanks Ferns!