Monday, 27 July 2015

Ancient Love

Do you remember
When far from everything,
In our hideaway,
We stole those days of marvel,
Explored each other, body and soul?
O how we shone before one another’s eyes
When all was light and colour
And form and ease
And a day was always a thousand years.

Do you remember
How warming dawn
Cut fresh and strong
Through that raggedy venetian blind?
All we had was dust and space
And that lingering sense
Of ever-forbearing time,
And water to drink and to wash with,
And a little wine.

Do you remember
Why we went there
On the spur of the moment,
Our moment?
I do – it was because
All the turning globe
Rendered us entirely unnecessary,
And we took them up on it,
And hid.
I think that was why.

Do you remember
Who I was at that time?
And who you were,
Both to yourself and to me?
Do you?
I’m not sure I do, completely,
But I remember your smile;
It was a window,
And we were of one mind.

Do you remember
The feel of our touch
Pressing against the cosmos?
I still feel that touch,
The camber of your abdomen
The soft press of your breasts.
I clearly recall the fine lines
Of your neck and your shoulders
And your inquisitive fingers.

Do you remember
Your lithe thighs about me
Bright morning and dozy afternoon,
Lustrous dusk
And sacred summer night?
I still recollect the sweet whisperings
Of your warm breath
And the golden perfumed nectar
Of your secretive lips.

Do you remember
So very long ago,
We sojourned into light,
Conferring as leopards
In crimson night?
Nesting amongst fables,
We unwittingly tested
Slow time and ached
Only for each other.

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