Saturday, 18 July 2015

Yours is the only key that fits my lock [by AfroerotiK]

Yours is the only key that fits my lock.  My love for you is slippery wet … and … hot … and did I forget to mention oh so sweet.  You feel that tingle don’t you, that sensation in your body that signals the onset of your insatiable lust for me, that makes you want to make love to me until our bodies are dripping with sweat?  I need the final piece that fits my puzzle.  I need the weight of your body crushing mine.  I need to ride you, use you, I need to cum all over you while you try to hold back from erupting inside me like molten lava from a volcano.  I need your dick in my pussy, fucking me with my legs wrapped around you, pulling you closer, taking me higher, massaging my clit with your shaft as you thrust deeper, and harder, our tongues dancing together as we cum and cum and cum.

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