Saturday, 10 October 2015

Beautiful nakedness

The Independent reports that this 'GoNaked' advert for the company Lush recently caused controversy in Australia and New Zealand, with complaints that it was 'offensive' and 'pornographic in nature', and visible in the High Street at children's eye-level.

But, whereas I can understand some parents of young children might possibly find prominent shop-front placement to be somewhat problematic, it is difficult to see how this picture could be described as pornographic (although I'm certainly not implying that would necessarily be an essentially negative description) and it is simply impossible to see how this picture could ever be considered offensive. It's beautiful.

And the message is very thought-provoking. It was interesting to note some customers found the ad campaign 'inspirational' in highlighting the matter of overly-packaged goods and also in promoting a sense of body-positive confidence. Very good points.

Anyway, I think it's a lovely, beautiful, creative, fun  picture.

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