Sunday, 16 February 2020


Death arrives
Via various prerogatives
But none as pretty
As your deep dark pussy.

The stars align
Between the summit
Of my great wet cock
And the lowest ebb of the sun.

But can I find it,
That perfect curve
You’ve laid out like a picnic
In the magic forest?

Can I fuck?!
You alluring amalgamation
Of frustrating fucking sherbet
And miraculous nutrition!

Saturday, 15 February 2020

Erotica galore in 2020!

Quick update re. my writing. I have a large number of very varied works in progress, and I’m excited to say that I hope to be able to publish at least three substantial projects in 2020. One is a collection of interracial erotic vignettes about black women taking the helm in their intimate relationships with white men. Another is an erotic novella (with some interracialness) about a bisexual woman exploring her attraction to other women. And then there’s a collection of Male/Female interracial erotic short stories infused with various ethnic hues. These are all nearing completion. I’ll keep you posted.