Saturday, 20 April 2019

Out 'n' About - Swan's Feeding On The River

Swan's feeding on the river. It was SO hot today - like summer really arrived - cooler by the river though.

Friday, 19 April 2019

My Reading - Drenched Panties by Nichelle Gregory

Drenched PantiesDrenched Panties by Nichelle Gregory
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Six snappy, inventive short stories told in an engaging, easy-to-read, fluid style. The sex is top-of-the-dial hot, but the author keeps the tone light and warm-hearted, and adds some nice touches of humour too. Perfect quick reads to liven up the day.

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My Reading - Chocolate Vanilla Swirl by Piper Rai

Chocolate Vanilla SwirlChocolate Vanilla Swirl by Piper Rai
My rating: 3 of 5 stars


Over all I would say I generally enjoyed this short story, but certainly I felt there were a couple of problems.

I think Piper Rai is on the whole a very good writer. I very much liked the energy and pace of the writing and found I was very quickly fully engaged with the main character Regina. For such a short story there was an impressive amount of back story, i.e. Regina’s failed marriage, her friend, her state of mind at the time of the story, which all worked well because it was substantial back story but didn’t feel like it was ever getting in the way.

And I loved the dynamic of the two main characters’ kind of antagonistic attitudes to each other while at the same time finding each other irresistible. Very hot. And also I loved Regina’s stroppy attitude. As ice-cream seller Trey commented to Regina - “Well, you’re really hot. Especially when you’re yelling.”

Also, there was a nicely humorous thread throughout, without ever distracting from the sexual intensity; and this humour gave the story a lovely human warmth. Including the idea of Regina and Trey getting it on in back of the ice-cream van. I loved that. I thought it was funny and hot and kind of crazy-mad unique.

The couple of things I found problematic –

There were numerous editing/formatting problems which became somewhat distracting and sometimes made it difficult to follow exactly who was saying what to whom. This is a pity because the writing is too good to be marred by these kinds of things.

The only other major problem for me was the way the idea of the ice-cream van man was introduced into the story. It felt a bit contrived that a mother would prefer her kids were elsewhere at weekends because of an ice-cream van coming round the neighbourhood and ice-cream vans are somehow automatically understood to be staffed by pervs. Now it may be that other people have had exactly that impression or experience of ice-cream sellers, I really don’t know. But certainly for me such reasoning felt unrealistic and awkward and it jarred with the otherwise really good story-telling.

I thought there were a few other much more minor problems, but the problems I’ve mentioned are things that for me actually let down what was otherwise a very enjoyable story.

Well, there you go, these are my thoughts. Positives and negatives. As I say, over all I enjoyed the story – it’s zesty, fun, sexy and inventive. And I’d like to read more of this writer’s work.

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My Reading - Her Black Mistress by J.J. Argus

Her Black MistressHer Black Mistress by J.J. Argus
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A very interesting story idea, and over all I'd say I enjoyed it. But I think there was so much more to explore in terms of character and the details of the unfolding story, that it came over as more of an entrée than a main course; a little light perhaps, and I felt I wanted more.

I realize it's a short story, but it was such a terrific idea, with such great characters and such tantalizing scenarios I just thought it all warranted more in-depth treatment. And I appreciate this is only the first in a series, but still, I wanted more from this actual book, from this part of the ongoing tale.

However, I certainly didn't dislike it, and it engaged my interest enough that I may well check out the later entries in the series at some point. So it gets 3 stars rather then 2, but it was borderline.

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My Reading - Her First Lady Swirl by Lita Camdyn

Her First Lady SwirlHer First Lady Swirl by Lita Camdyn
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Firstly - HOT cover or what? And it's like that inside too. Some editing issues. But ultimately, this was actually a really nice story, and hot and raunchy as well.

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My Reading - Hazing the Tutor: Lesbian Domination by I.M. Rogue

Hazing the Tutor: Lesbian DominationHazing the Tutor: Lesbian Domination by I.M. Rogue
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Enjoyed it. Fun. Hot. Nice quick read.

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Thursday, 7 March 2019

Fierce Peace

Most private sojourn
Midst marvels of your eyes,
Reconnoitring the genius
Of your fierce peace,
In the evening breeze
Where landscapes fall.

Beneath gilded wings
Of sullen-flowered dusk,
Your petal-upon-water eyes
Already survey pale dawn,
Your curling rosehip lips bereft
Of any murmur of remorse.

Within and under this power
I am irrevocably convened,
Misconstrued, mistranslated
Into inconsolable patois,
A tolerable derangement,
Faltering, at a loss.

Sunday, 17 February 2019

Recommendation: Erotique Noire / Black Erotica

I really do believe it would simply be impossible for me to wax overly lyrical about this extraordinary, ravishing and magnificent anthology of writings. This is an absolute must for anyone interested in literary eroticism and explorations of sensuality and sexuality. Its abundant richness comes from the sheer variety of tenor and subject matter, the range of forms (with poetry, narrative fiction, essays, letters and diary entries) and the geographical and cultural diversity of source material from writers American, Latin American, Caribbean and African. The intellectual, imaginative and creative force of this project is stunning, creating a reading experience that is hugely enjoyable, tremendously edifying and immensely rewarding. Erotique Noire / Black Erotica is a beautiful, vibrant and incredibly sexy book, one which I just cannot commend highly enough to you.

Erotique Noire / Black Erotica edited by Miriam Decosta-Willis, Reginald Martin and Roseann P. Bell

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

By the Thin Light of a Cold Fire - fleeting reflections: Sex is Mysterious

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Sexual desire is mysterious. Mysterious and intuitive. Gloriously multi-faceted and unfathomable. Constituted of a panoply of scintillating idiosyncrasies, nuances, sensibilities and obsessions beyond explanation. Science cannot map it. Commerce cannot own it. Puritanism cannot define it. It is simultaneously carnal in nature, emotional, intellectual, aesthetic and spiritual. It intoxicates, enlivens, elevates. It is a rarer atmosphere, a mysterious invisible sanctuary, a more urgent and direct connection to the universe.