Hi, I'm erotic fiction author Reuben Malden Miller. Reuben is my pen name, which I use for reasons explained here.

I’m a middle-aged white guy living in the UK, very happily married and it has been noted that I can at times be quite mature and sensible. When I can, I enjoy quiet, civilised mornings; books; coffee; and forgetting about health and money worries.

I love nature and wildlife; the arts generally, fine art, erotic art and pornography; music, dance, literature, movies, comics. I also love connecting with people around the world and finding out about different places and cultures. I especially love kooks, outsiders and artists. And I believe in the essential, social and political equality of all people.

I tend to write stories about what I would call everyday, normal people, who might even feel they are misfits or outcasts. Or who might struggle finding their way in life. Or who perhaps discover their desires are not as straightforward as they had thought.

Potential readers should be aware my work is very explicit and very down-and-dirty. So be prepared; if that’s your sort of thing then I hope you enjoy my books, but if it’s not your cup of tea, then perhaps you might want to steer clear and try something different.

My first two novellas (Season of the Wasp and Evening Breeze) are interracial, as is most of what I’m currently working on. Whether everything I publish will be interracial, I don’t know. But certainly it’s a characteristic of my work so far. I write out of a love of the art form, an urge to tell the stories of my characters, and a fascination with the subjects of love, sexual desire and identity.

I hope you enjoy my stories! 

P.S. - you might also enjoy my poetry.

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